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Largest, most challenging design project I've done so far. Collaborated with two other designers as a small team, and completed the project within a 4-week deadline. We worked under 1-2 day turnaround for both revisions and brand new concepts, finalized production process, and apparel selections.

Deliverables are one, small left chest design, and one large back design with two colorways max. Below are my design concepts for the project. My approach was more minimal and modern with high focus on typography.

Design Process

With such a large scale project at hand, I took on the challenge by first creating a design brief for the team, detailing each step of what had to be done every week until completion. The possibility of the schedule changing, or any room for error was also considered so as to avoid  the risk of getting caught off guard and pressured with time. 

We took this as our priority on top of other duties, and checked in with each other to make sure we were all on the same page in terms of concepts and approach. We also planned to play to our strengths and offer a variety of ideas for Volleyball Canada. 

Once we received a general idea, we took to doing sketches and planning initial layouts for all the text they wanted for their design- "NATIONALS" and "2024". But my biggest contribution was the small, left chest design- placing the Volleyball Canada logo with their year founded below it. It was a classy, simple design which the staff of Volleyball Canada loved right away. This helped the rest of the team focus on creating a back design to complement the front left chest design. Below is our step-by-step development of the project.