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A project for Ace Volleyball, a client of VBS Apparel. This was a two-week long process with deliverables entailing a large back design for their Elite Performance program, and a large, center chest design for proud parent merchandise. 

Concepts were made using Adobe Illustrator. 

Design Process - Elite Performance

This was a project collaborated with another designer, and we worked together to come up with concepts of varying tastes, as our client did not give us a specific vision to work with. It was a bit of a challenge- given the tight deadline, but after speaking with the client in-person, and learning what they didn't like to see from previous concepts, it helped greatly with what we could offer them.

Our approach was mainly a mix of modern and vintage style, reusing the volleyball logo as more of a highlight of the design despite being discouraged to use it because of its complex look. Regardless, it was still a preference of our client, so we gave it our all to make it work.

Design Process - Proud Parent

Following the success of our Elite Performance design, the client returned asking for a "Proud Parent" design. It was the first time they have ever made such merchandise, so we did not have that much to work with in reference to prior concepts.

Despite that, we took what we learned from our client's tastes with the Elite Performance design and incorporated it onto our Proud Parent designs. Because our audience was mostly parents- an older group of folks; we leaned more to a vintage/retro style, reusing that volleyball logo once again. Separately, we offered a more modern design as well, to cater to younger parents in the program. 

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